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FAQ Friday #40- Do you sell lifejacket parts?

FAQ Friday #40- Do you sell lifejacket parts?

At the moment (April 2024), RIBstore doesn’t currently sell any lifejacket parts, but this doesn’t mean servicing life jackets isn’t important.

As well as being asked this question, we received an email about servicing lifejackets with a number of photos from one of our regular customers…

He'd replaced the firing mechanisms and gas cylinders on his own lifejackets and had also inspected one for a friend...

The friend's firing mechanism was out of date since 2021...

...and the cylinder was more than a tad rusty!

The cylinders for all their jackets have now been replaced and valid until 2028. 😊

He says “although both worked it is not worth the risk!”

I'd certainly encourage you to have a look before your next outing if you’ve not checked your lifejacket in a while 😎

Why not check out our handy how to guide which explains what to check and look for on a lifejacket…

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