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FAQ Friday #42 – Is Railblaza actually useful on a sailing boat or is it just a gimmick?

FAQ Friday #42 – Is Railblaza actually useful on a sailing boat or is it just a gimmick?


Railblaza is definitely useful and super versatile too. This week one of my team has been away on holiday - sailing round the Channel Islands...

Apart from visiting all the islands in one week, and managing to get round using only 20l of fuel, he also found time to install a whole list of Railblaza products for a variety of different purposes.

The simplicity of Railblaza is that the only "installation" is fixing the StarPorts in locations around the boat and then any of the products can be attached to those ports.

He's installed a screw-down port onto his instrument console which is allowing him to use the tablet holder to view charts on the iPad.

This setup from top to bottom uses the ScreenGrabba, an extension bar and an Adjustable R-Lock Extender, which fits into a StarPort...

Another screw-down StarPort lets him use the same ScreenGrabba to use his iPad under the spray hood.

And when not in use, the mechanics of the port are protected by the rubber cap. 

He has also installed a rail-mount port on the pushpit.

This can be used to hold the Rod Holder II...

And here it is holding a rod...

The Rail Mount can also be used for an additional white light for anchoring...

Or for a DrinkHold to hold a coffee cup...

Railblaza works on all types of boat and we have StarPorts available for screw-down, rail mount and the RibPort that can be glued to your tubes if desired.

Here's the full collection of Railblaza products with the ports and corresponding attachments.

I hope this sparks some ideas for where you could use Railblaza on your boat.

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