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FAQ Friday #44 – How can I tell whether I need the Zodiac Rowlock Upgrade Kit (Z67506)?

FAQ Friday #44 – How can I tell whether I need the Zodiac Rowlock Upgrade Kit (Z67506)?

Zodiac inflatables have featured a number of different rowlock styles over the years and it’s possible that you may well need the rowlock upgrade kit rather than just new rowlocks, but how can you tell? It isn’t the cheaper set of items to buy, so understandably you don’t want to buy it unnecessarily and hopefully this FAQ Friday post helps confirm what you need.

Here's the older style rowlock fitting our customer had on their tubes which needed the upgrade kit:

And a couple of close up photos of the middle part of the fitting (rowlock block) too...

The kit upgrades the older style of rowlock block shown above, to the new "Safe-Clic" style.

The shape of the new rowlock block is noticeably different as each side is rounded, where as the old style has one flat side.

The upgrade kit is Zodiac part number Z67506 and consists of two of each of the following parts shown below: rowlock with metal pin (Z67502); rowlock block (Z60077); J shape piece and ring (Z2844).


If you have self-splice rope going through the centre of the rowlock, avoid cutting the rope as you can probably re-splice the rope!

Thank you to one of our customers for the photos of the old style rowlock used in this blog. 

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