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FAQ Friday #22 - Is there a standard length for elephant trunks / drainage socks?

FAQ Friday #22 - Is there a standard length for elephant trunks / drainage socks?

There isn't a standard length for the elephant trunks / drainage socks that are fitted on the transoms of many RIBs and other hard boats.

Transom heights and the depth a boat sits in the water all affect the length a transom sock would need to be. We therefore allow our customers to choose what length they need the trunk to be. There's no point in the trunk being overly long. Equally, if it's too short, the opening could sit too close to the water level and allow water to bob in. Even worse, the opening could sit below the water level!

If you know that the old trunk worked well, we would recommend measuring it. If the old trunk didn't work well or isn't available for measuring, we would recommend measuring from the outlet on the transom to the top of the transom.

All trunks are made to order which means you can choose any colour too - whether it be to match the tubes or hull for example.

The trunks photographed below range from 350mm - 650mm in length (about 14 - 26 inches) and from top to bottom are Etna Red, Dark Blue, Black, Sylvano Orange and Military Grey. All our trunks are made in Orca hypalon.

We can happily work in millimetres (mm) or inches, so measure up in which ever measurement you prefer to work in, or whichever works best for your trunk.

If your RIB needs a new elephant trunk or two, click HERE to order.

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