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FAQ Friday #26 - I'm travelling in my yacht, can I still receive orders?

Yes, you can!

Marinas are usually happy for parcels to be delivered to them, but there is another option too.

A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to a very useful delivery option by loyal customer Ken .

Ken was on the move in his boat from the Hebrides down to Mallaig and needed a new valve.The option he suggested was to use the "Poste Restante" process to deliver to a Post Office he'd nominated so he could collect on arrival.I'd never heard of this option before but it worked perfectly!In short, we address your parcel to you "Poste Restante" with the address of your chosen post office.You should, really, notify the PO in advance and check they provide the service but in this case, Ken took a chance with Mallaig and it was fine.I thought this was such a great idea that I've added details of how to use this service to the RIBstore delivery page, so you can choose "Poste Restante" as a delivery option too.It's really easy!In place of your normal address, you enter:Your namePOSTE RESTANTEName of Post OfficeFull Address of Post OfficePostcode of Post OfficeCountry (if needed)Please do check in advance with your chosen Post Office to make sure you receive your parts.I'm hoping this will provide a new, useful option for you if you happen to need replacement parts or other materials whilst you're on holiday, a cruise or other expedition on your sailing yacht or cruiser.You can find out more about the poste restante service here...Many thanks to Ken for bringing this to my attention!

Further research shows that lots of countries do offer a similar service too - how useful!


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