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FAQ Friday #35 – Where is RIBstore based?

FAQ Friday #35 – Where is RIBstore based?

I am (understandably!) frequently asked “is RIBstore based in Henley” and “is this the Plymouth branch?”.

It’s three and a half years since we moved the business from near Henley with the idea of sharing premises with Tilley Inflatables but quickly realised we had underestimated the space required.

To accommodate our expansion in both product lines and stock, we moved to our current location, in Plympton, in January 2021 and have been here ever since…

Until now, we have kept the old Henley telephone number but that has occasionally caused some confusion along the way…Some customers were unsure whether we’d opened a branch office - or even a franchise!

In fact, there is only one RIBstore and that’s here in Plympton.

So, finally, I’m pleased to announce that we have changed our primary telephone number to a local, Plymouth, number.

Our new number is 01752 710085.

(I have to confess - I have this number written on a post-it note on my screen while I memorise it… 🤦‍♀️)

We will still keep the old number as a backup, at least for the time being, but will eventually phase it out.

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