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3-Strand Multifilament Lifeline / Mooring Rope by English Braids

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Rope has so many uses on a boat, whether it be lifelines, mooring lines, painters, tying to fenders, elephant trunks/drainage socks or towing. 

New for Winter 2021, we are offering a selection of 3 strand multifilament ropes manufactured by UK company English Braids.

  • 10mm available in:
    • Dark Grey (left of photo)
    • Black (right of photo)
  • 12mm available in:
    • Light Grey (left of photo)
    • Dark Grey (centre of photo)
    • Black (right of photo)
  • 14mm available in:
    • Light Grey (left of photo)
    • Navy (centre of photo)
    • Oceano (right of photo)

Three strand multifilament rope data:

  • Features & benefits:
    • Buoyant - it floats!
    • UV stabilised
    • Easy to splice (check out this video from English Braids)
    • Good strength and flexibility
    • Hard wearing - good abrasion resistance
    • Excellent resistance to acid
    • Good resistance to alkali
    • Elongation at 50% break force: 21.7%
    • 170°C melting point
    • Made from polypropylene
  • Typical applications:
    • Mooring
    • Lifelines 
    • General lifting
  • Break strength:
    • 10mm: 1240 Kg
    • 12mm: 2030 Kg
    • 14mm: 2550 Kg
  • Mass per unit length:
    • 10mm: 4.3 kg/100m
    • 12mm: 6.8 kg/100m
    • 14mm: 8.3 kg/100m

All our ropes are supplied by the meter, with each end cut using a hot knife. If you require multiple pieces, please add a note to your order with cutting details.

Weights and Dimensions may vary.
Break Strength: The breaking strength of a rope is the load at which a new rope will break when tested under laboratory conditions. Break strength should not be mistaken for safe working load.
Safe Working Load: Because of the wide range of rope use, rope condition and the degree of risk of life or property, it is not possible to make a blanket recommendation for safe working load. It is ultimately dependent on the rope user to determine what percentage of break strength is their own safe working load.
Wear: Ropes wear out with use; the more severe the usage, the greater the wear. It is often not possible to detect wear on a rope by visible signs alone. Therefore, it is recommended that the rope user determine a retirement criteria for ropes in their application.

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