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How to fix or glue inflatable boat PVC fabric patches and accessories to Hypalon fabric RIB collars and tubes (and vice versa)

We are regularly asked: "I have a PVC patch, 'D' ring patch, PVC tube etc, but my RIB or dinghy inflatable boat tube is made from Hypalon – can I fix or glue the patch onto the collar or inflatable tube?"

Yes, you can, but you do have to follow some basic instructions to ensure a good bond is achieved:

PVC adhesive and Hypalon fabric (and vice versa) are not compatible but a successful bond can be achieved by:

  1. First, prepare the fabric patch. For a PVC fabric patch or handle etc; clean/prime the [to be] glued face of the PVC fabric with MEK solvent (or you can use acetone) and then allow to dry. If applying a Hypalon fabric patch or synthetic rubber tube handle etc onto a PVC tube or collar, thoroughly abrade the back (the dull/matt/’rubber feel’ side – usually dark grey or black in colour) of the Hypalon patch first. Then clean the abraded side with Hypalon Cleaner Solvent or MEK solvent.
  2. PVC patch to Hypalon Tube: after cleaning/priming the PVC fabric patch or handle etc, apply a ‘primer coat’ of 1-part PVC adhesive to the glued face of the PVC patch, allow to dry and then simply affix the patch to the Hypalon collar or inflatable tube by following the instructions on the ToobBond Hypalon adhesive. See our inflatable boat repair guide for further details if necessary.
  3. For Hypalon patch to PVC tube: after abrading and solvent cleaning the back of the Hypalon patch or rubber handle etc, then apply a ‘primer coat’ of 1-part Hypalon adhesive to back of the Hypalon patch. Allow to dry and then simply affix to the PVC collar or inflatable boat tube by following the instructions on the RIBstore PVC Inflatable Boat adhesive label or see our guide, for further details.

View & Download a PDF Version of this Guide HOW TO glue Hypalon to PVC and vice versa