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How to Make an Emergency Repair using TEAR-AID Type A to a Hypalon Inflatable Boat, RIB, Raft and other Hypalon / Rubber Inflatables

RIBstore explains how to repair all makes and types of Hypalon inflatable craft with tears up to 50mm

Successful repairs are dependent upon the environment in which the repair is carried out. Contaminants on the area to be repaired can sometimes prevent a successful emergency repair. Whatever the outcome of the emergency repair, it is just a “get you home emergency repair” so a permanent repair using 2-part adhesive Hypalon adhesive and Hypalon/rubber material should be made at the first opportunity.

Use TEAR-AID® Type A for Hypalon emergency repairs. On a dry Hypalon surface TEAR-AID® Type A will have approximately 90% adhesion in on initial application and 100% within one hour.

After application TEAR-AID® Type A will work in temperatures from -25ºC to 60ºC.

Use TEAR-AID® Type A for small Hypalon emergency repairs. It cannot be applied in wet conditions. If there is any concern about safety or repair failure then only attempt the repair using adhesive and Hypalon material. TEAR-AID® Type A should ideally be applied with material temperature above 10ºC.

Dry repairs:

For best results apply to a clean dry surface. Dry then clean the surface to be repaired with an alcohol wipe, or if available 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) and water. Before proceeding, make sure the surface to be repaired is dry. Ideally the surface temperature to be repaired should be 10ºC or warmer.

  1. Cut a patch to size allowing at least 40mm for the patch to extend beyond all edges of the tear/hole. Trim square corners into round corners to minimise them being caught and lifted during curing.
  1. Taking care not to foul the cut patch with your fingers, carefully peel back 20mm of the paper backing. Tearing the paper backing while stretching the edge of the patch will help separate the backing from the patch, especially when the patch has been cut into a small size.
  1. Carefully position the patch with the paper backing still on it and anchor the exposed 20mm edge ensuring the patch extends 40mm beyond all edges of the tear/hole. Slowly peel back the liner while carefully applying the patch over the tear/hole using the plastic spatula or perhaps a credit card – take care to avoid air bubbles. Rub all edges to seal. Rub entire patch aggressively.

Please dispose of any used adhesive tubes and TEAR-AID® Type A responsibly and with consideration for the environment.

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